donderdag 30 september 2010

Toespraak Arabist Jansen bij boekpresentatie Martin Bosma

Toespraak Hans Jansen bij boekpresentatie “De Schijn-élite van de valsemunters” van Martin Bosma, 29 september 2010, Oude Zaal van de tweede Kamer, Binnenhof, Den Haag.

Voor mijn informatie ben ik grotendeels afhankelijk van de staatsomroep, dus misschien zit ik er helemaal naast, maar als ik het goed begrepen heb, was het gisteren, dinsdag 28 oktober 2010, voor Nederland D-Day. Er zal nog veel strijd volgen op D-Day, mogelijk zelfs de rivers of blood die Enoch Powell voorspeld heeft, maar het keerpunt in deze strijd ligt op dit mooie moment één dag achter ons.

Maar vandaag willen we onze gedachten ver houden van de moeilijkheden die in het verschiet liggen, want het is feest vanwege het uitkomen van het prachtboek van Martin Bosma.
In mijn studententijd hadden we nog nooit van Job Cohen gehoord. Toch zongen we toen een prachtlied, waarvan de beginregels luidden ‘Op socialisten, sluit de rijen, het rode vaandel volgen wij, ’t is door de jaren wat versleten, ’t heeft nu de kleur van slappe thee.’


dinsdag 28 september 2010

Who lost Turkey?

September 21, 2010, 2:03 PM

You have to hand it to Turkey's Islamist leaders. They sure know how to get their way. In the seven years since they first took power, the Islamist AKP party has successfully transformed Turkey from a staunch ally of the US and Israel and a member of NATO into a staunch ally of Iran and a member of NATO.

And that's not all. Turkey's Islamist leaders have used the Western language of democracy and freedom not only to abandon the West. They have used that language to destroy the foundations of Turkey's Western-style secular democracy and transform the governing system of NATO's sole Muslim member into a hybrid of Putinist autocracy and Iranian theocracy.

On September 12, the AKP took an enormous step toward consolidating its achievements and expanding its power. The Islamist regime won a national plebiscite on constitutional amendments that remove the remaining obstacles to its absolute power.

As a National Review reader noted, the vote was a mockery of democracy. It was held at the end of Ramadan during which the AKP provided 30 consecutive free post- Ramadan fast dinners to voters in key voting districts.

zondag 19 september 2010

Why Time Magazine Doesn't Want Peace

Richard Stengel and Karl Vick

It's that time of the year again. The time where we add up our circulation figures and our ad dollars, and realize that there's no way we're going to be able to pay for a second Switzerland vacation this year. But that's all right, because we're not in it for the money. It's about journalism, fame and having a Constitutionally protected right to lie as much as we want.

Right now we're hanging on to the future by our fingernails. Because in the latest survey we found that the only people who read our magazine either don't know how to use a computer or are sitting in the dentist's office and trying to bury their fear in our infographic about the cast of the Jersey Shore.

We're desperate. I mean we've tried everything. And we've partnered with such leading news organizations as CNN, the Huffington Post, the Onion and, but nothing is working. And somewhere in between such vital stories as the "Top 10 Famous Toilets" and "5 Best Kim Jong Il Hairstyles" (Editor's Note: only one of those is a real Time Magazine story, guess which one. Nope, you guessed wrong), we have to try and find geopolitical stories that somebody actually cares about, and that we can render in a simplistic fashion for our core audience of people who are just happening to browse at a newstand while waiting for the bus.

And let's face it that subject comes down to Israel. Sure we could try to do a report on the genocide in the Sudan, or the coup in Thailand or the flood in Pakistan; but who's really going to care? Can you imagine anyone picking up a copy of Time Magazine with a cover focusing on the treatment of multiracial children in South Korea? Yeah right. As it is nobody's buying our magazine. If we did that, our sales figures would hit negative numbers.

Sultan Knish

donderdag 16 september 2010

The Shariah Threat to America

By David Yerushalmi

Nine years ago, another in a decades-long assault on the U.S. and Western interests was carried out by mujahideen -- Islamic jihad warriors. September 11 didn't launch this existential threat of jihad, but it certainly exposed the underbelly of American vulnerability like no other previous attack (including the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon a decade before that).

That vulnerable underbelly is not, as some have contended, our "freedoms." There is no "tension," as many commentators suggest, between freedom and security. The idea that there is a natural tension is evidence that the pundit has adopted nihilism as the "natural" or "preferred" political order and views every act of securing the realm a diminution of a libertine anarchy.

In fact, political order based upon an equal treatment before the law as grounded in a constitution founded upon the Judeo-Christian tenet that society consists first of individuals who come together to form a People through representative government, that it stands not on the shoulders of libertarian nihilists, but on those who cherish the political order which gives voice to the individual -- his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

No, the underbelly of American vulnerability exposed by the jihadi existential threat is the modern idea that despises the fact of a discreet and identifiable American people. Or, or to put it in a more modern parlance, our progressive elites, who control the educational system and mainstream media, reject national existence. These progressives despise and seek to destroy any vestige of national sovereignty by embracing a transnationalism that would render national sovereignty an anachronism in the face of world governmental bodies to which we should all bow, Obama-like, such as the U.N. or the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

American Thinker

Read the report: Center For Security Policy

zaterdag 4 september 2010

Citaat van de week

". . .As a matter of fact, a minority can transform a people when it wishes to dominate it effectively, when it has only contempt for it, regarding it as fit only for exploitation; as was the case with the Normans in England, the Musulmans wherever they appeared and even the Romans in the conquered provinces. "

Henri Pirenne: Mohammed and Charlemagne (page 37)

donderdag 2 september 2010

De moslima die a.s. maandag haar broodtrommeltje meeneemt is een heldin

Door Carel Brendel

“Hoe voelt de moslima zich die op maandagochtend met haar broodtrommeltje naar de verplichte inburgeringcursus gaat?” Die zin uit de uitgelekte brief van CDA-kopstuk Ab Klink moest ik even op me laten inwerken.

Mooi onderwerp voor Trouw, Zembla of Netwerk. Ik zie de collega al voor me, die vandaag op de redactievergadering voorstelt om komende maandag een moslima te ’volgen’ op weg naar de inburgeringcursus.

Ho! Wacht even! Het is ramadan! Nou en, dat maakt het alleen maar interessanter. Naar schatting 12 tot 35 procent van de Turken in Nederland bijvoorbeeld vast niet tijdens de ramadan. De motieven zijn individueel; omdat ze eigenlijk niets met de islam hebben, omdat ze het ongezond vinden, of om wat voor persoonlijke reden dan ook. Meestal gebeurt het niet-vasten heimelijk uit angst voor de reacties uit de omgeving.

De sociale druk neemt toe, mede als gevolg van de ramadanpropaganda in de gevestigde media en het iftartoerisme van politici en andere gezagsdragers. Als zelfs niet-moslims er van uitgaan dat je moet vasten, dan wordt het voor de individuele moslim wel heel moeilijk om dat niet te doen.

Daarom vraag ik me af hoe een moslima met een broodtrommeltje zich komende maandagochtend voelt onder de verwijtende blikken van andere moslims. En ik hoop dat de CDA-dissidenten Ab Klink, Ad Koppejan en Kathleen Ferrier, die zo bang zijn voor gedoogsteun van de PVV, meegaan om deze niet-vastende moslima moreel te steunen in haar gevecht tegen de groepsdwang.

Want de moslima die aanstaande maandag haar broodtrommeltje meeneemt naar de inburgeringcursus is een heldin.

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