maandag 16 april 2012

“Islam is the Religion of Blood”

The following interview was published today at Europe News. Its subjects, two Egyptian apostates from Islam who fled to Europe, are now refugees in Sweden. See the original article for photos and video.

Ignorance of Europe, how long can it take?

“We are in danger. We are afraid of Islamists!”

Interview with the former Muslims Maher al-Gohary (60) and his daughter Dina (17) who escaped from Egypt because of death penalty for conversion to Christianity.

The very well known case from European media is not looking like coming to an expected happy end. Those two people have been facing difficulties for years, not only in Egypt where death penalty is sentenced for conversion from Islam to Christianity, but also in Europe, where they were subjected to the acts of discrimination by the Muslim community.

Despite of the case being frequently commented in the international media, i.e.: BBC, Fox News, and many newspapers, not so much has happened so far to change the situation. Ignorance and lack of responsibility for lives of this two innocent people are scaring. Why haven’t European governments and immigration offices done what it takes to protect and ensure security for them? Where they can go next after Egypt, Syria, Germany, France and Sweden? Will the Swedish authority be the one to help and listen to them? Who will take responsibility to save those two?

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