vrijdag 11 september 2009

The War on '9-11'

By Walid Phares

The Jihadi attacks against New York and Washington created an unforgettable date in the collective psyche of Americans: this nation was bled by men indoctrinated by an ideology that, both in its texts and in its actions, knows no mercy for free societies. The terrifying three numbers and a hyphen 9-11 took their place in the country's national identity, alongside Pearl Harbor in the high drama of American history.

But 9-11 became also a benchmark to other nations and regions of the world. In Europe, Russia, and India, civil societies began identifying the date 9/11with their own subsequent traumas. Madrid had its own 9-11on March 11, 2004. Russia had a sister horror on September 6 of the same year in Beslan. London encountered its 9-11 on July 7, 2005. The rest of Europe prepared for the forthcoming "ones." India's two Mumbai attacks are perhaps the equivalent of their own 9-11.

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