dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

How Obama Has Failed Black Americans

By Bruce Walker

The Olympics will not be held in Chicago. So has Obama failed Chicago? Not really: hosting the Olympics is a decidedly mixed blessing and this will be forgotten soon. Obama, however, has failed black America, and that failure may linger for a long time. The election of a black president, all other things being equal, is a good sign in American politics. All things, though, were not equal in the case of Barack Obama. He was not and is not wedded to the grand principles of American greatness. The blessings of citizenship are squandered on Barack Obama, just as the honor of being the first black president is wasted on him. It is not that American lacks great black Americans.

Clarence Thomas is a truly great black American. He felt the sting of real bigotry much more harshly than Obama. Thomas faced and then overcame the quiet anger than many blacks of his generation must have honestly felt. Instead of becoming an advocate for his race, Thomas became an advocate for constitutional government. He did not fall into the well of intractable grievances. Justice Thomas rose above them.

American Thinker