dinsdag 2 november 2010

Quit Following Me!

by William Warren
Net Right Daily

This Is America, Stupid!

November 02, 2010

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

A nation holds its collective breath. America's pivotal election is today. We will either put the brakes on the Democrat-socialists' drive to transform us into a failing European-style social democracy or we continue to hurtle toward the cliff of no return.

Voters have waited through long, suffering months to make their voices heard at last.

Democrats have made an unprecedented mockery of representative government, ignoring the will of the people with arrogant disdain. Elitist hypocrites who campaigned on "love" for the poor party hearty on the hard-earned money of America's producers, jet to debauchery-ridden Europe to scorn our good name, and come back home only to spend our children into serfdom. The words "public servant" have almost become synonymous with "tax cheat." American companies are threatened with open thuggery by a power-mad administration of academics who wouldn't know how to actually produce a single cent if their very lives depended upon it.

The Democrats and their president line up in bowing and scraping infamy before the Islamists, throwing America under the bus of cowardly appeasement. A Democrat president still sends America's finest young people to war and ties their hands with hideous rules of engagement and withdrawal timetables, which inevitably make our bravest into cannon fodder. Democrat foreign policy has emboldened every evil actor on the world stage and made whole regions into powder kegs set to blow at the slightest provocation. Peace with genuine justice is an alien concept to the cowards in charge. These so-called peacemakers have been revealed as nothing but doormat-enablers.

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