zondag 17 januari 2016

On Obama and Iran

I am so depressed and angry (yes, Gov. Nikki Halley, I am one of the angry ones) that I can hardly write about this. Forgive me if it's a bit incoherent; I really should wait a couple of days, but, well, I am really angry.

As readers of this humble and inconsequential blog know, I have opposed the Iran "deal" as a dangerous fraud (here, here, here, and here just to list a few) noting from the start that it was not a real treaty, has no legal standing, and was just a stunt to get around Congress and implement what Obama, Jarrett and Kerry have wanted for a long time a "normalization" of relations with Iran--a "normalization" that takes place within a context of US and Western retreat from the Middle East and disengagement from the 1400-year "war" with Islam, both Sunni and Shia versions of that totalitarian cult.


Tsjechië: Minister van Financiën eist hermetische afsluiting van Europa

                                           (Vertaling: E.J. Bron)

De Tsjechische minister van Financiën en vicepremier Andrej Babiš (foto) wil geen “vluchtelingen” meer opnemen in Europa. De toestroom van migranten zou niet verminderd, maar compleet gestopt moeten worden. Babiš zei dit in een interview met de zaterdageditie van de krant “Právo”.

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