vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Obama's Poor Debate: The Affirmative Action President Exposed

Lloyd Marcus

If I were a part of the brain-dead, racist herd of African-Americans who voted for Obama solely because he is black and celebrated him winning the presidency, I would feel pretty betrayed and embarrassed by Obama's debate performance. I mean, after all, we were told by the MSM and the left that Obama was all that and a bag of chips -- the smartest man on the planet, a messiah, the one!
As it were, I am an unhyphenated American who happens to be black. I did not drink the left's racially sweetened Kool-Aid and vote for Obama. Upon studying the content of his character and comments he made to Joe the Plumber, I knew that Obama was the wrong man, black or white, for America.

So all you blacks who voted for Obama should feel pretty betrayed. The left submitted a far-left racial empty suit for your "first black president," and you fell for it. From the very beginning, the mainstream media exempted Obama from the usual vetting process of candidates seeking to be president of the United States. To this day, after four years into his reign of terror, we still know very little about this man.

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