woensdag 28 maart 2012

His Worst Mistake: Obama Surrenders to Vladimir

Aiding the rebirth of the USSR.
Barack Obama went to South Korea and met with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Huddled tête-à-tête with Medvedev, when he thought nobody was listening he told Medvedev the he would be able to sell out U.S. security interests and allies in Europe on the missile defense issue once he had his reelection in the bag. The purpose: he’d like the Russians to shut up and stop criticizing him because he needs his Russian “reset” to appear valid until then.

“I understand,” Medvedev whispered. “I transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Fortunately for American voters, Obama was oblivious to the active microphone that recorded and broadcast his every word.

Even more fortunately, the Republicans were not asleep at the switch on Russia, as they usually are. Mitt Romney pounced. The Republican presumptive nominee for president stated of Russia:
This is without question our number one geopolitical foe, they fight for every cause for the world’s worst actors. The idea that he has more flexibility in mind for Russia is very, very troubling indeed.
Romney got it exactly right. Now, he must make sure to finish what he has started.

He should remind U.S. voters that one important reason their gasoline prices are soaring is Russia’s determined effort to support dictatorship in the Middle East. Every time Russia speaks out in support of rogue regimes, it makes the oil markets think protracted war rather than peaceful democratic transition is likely. That makes them nervous, and prices skyrocket.

And if the “world’s worst actors” happen to kill a few Americans with terrorism, so much the better as far as Vladimir Putin is concerned.

Romney should remind U.S. voters that, though Obama may not know it even though Medvedev told him so in so many words, Russia isn’t ruled by its “president” and never has been. Ever since the late 1990s, it’s been ruled by a proud KGB spy who spent his entire life learning how to hate and destroy America. A man who believes the collapse of the USSR was a tragedy, who has brought back the Soviet national anthem, who rigs elections and murders or jails political opponents.

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Whereas the MSM mostly shrugs this off, at least in the blogosphere the word TREASON has been mentioned: The Right Scoop

OBAMA: All countries are close allies!!

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D66: Een hele groep mensen wordt onnodig weggezet...

Een meerderheid van de Tweede Kamer heeft dinsdag een motie van D66 gesteund waarin afstand wordt genomen van het Polenmeldpunt van de PVV. Men was van mening dat door het meldpunt voor Midden- en Oost-Europeanen een hele groep mensen onnodig wordt weggezet.

Onnodig? Echt?

Lees het verhaal van de Amsterdamse buurtregisseur John Beerman op GeenStijl:
"De laatste 1800 verdachten in onze regio waren als volgt verdeeld: Pools 317, Roemeens 253, Leetowers 206, Bulgaars 55, Nederlands 226, waarvan deels met een dubbele nationaliteit. Van deze 1800 hadden er slechts 117 een vast adres in Nederland."
Een van de "zegeningen" van het Schengen-verdrag waar onze Eurofiele elite maar liever de kop voor in het zand steekt. Een Polenmeldpunt is slecht, niet omdat groepen mensen die het er immers gewoon zelf naar maken zogenaamd worden weggezet, maar omdat het de aandacht vestigt op de vervelende kantjes van de EUSSR.

Bovendien: meten is weten, en hoe minder de Nederlandse burger weet, hoe beter het is voor onze elite. Geïnformeerde burgers die zij-die-het-beter-weten voor de voeten gaan lopen, je moet er toch niet aan denken?

Update: Plunderende bendes