dinsdag 28 juni 2011

White House Insider: Obama "Panicked" Over Re-Election Prospects

As President Obama faces an increasingly uncertain political future, our White House Insider indicates widespread re-election panic within the president’s inner-circle, hints at a "pushback" scandal against Republicans, and the intent to make the president "very uncomfortable" heading into 2012…

Author’s Note: What follows are the unedited responses to a series of questions recently posed to a long-time Washington D.C.political insider and former member of the Obama 2008 campaign and transition team.

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President Quixote's Legacy: Confused, Ill-Educated and Not Too Bright

By Monty Pelerin

The number of Obama supporters seems inversely related to his time in office. Many wonder what happened to "The One We Are Waiting For."

Obama assumed office in difficult economic times. After a couple of years of excuses -- which included "the problems were worse than we knew" and the generic, all-purpose "it's Bush's fault" -- Obama now owns the original problems and new ones of his own doing. An incomplete report card on his "accomplishments" would include the following:

•the economy worsened
•discretionary military efforts ("kinetic" if you prefer) increased
•an unpopular, flawed health care plan was forced on the public
•inflation increased, especially in critical goods like food and gasoline
•job prospects decreased
•the stimulus failed miserably
•"transparency in government" became a laugh-line for late night TV
•corruption in government accelerated to Chicago-style warp speed
•Housing worsened and shows no sign of bottoming soon
•Government debt and spending spun out of control
•Wall Street was bailed out and continues to enrich themselves
•Main Street was ignored and becomes poorer as bankruptcies and foreclosures mount
•race relations appear to have worsened

There are a plethora of other problems that could be attributed to Obama. In short, it is difficult to ascertain what, if anything, has improved other than the demise of Osama bin Laden.

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