woensdag 2 december 2009

Climategate: Caught Green-Handed!


SPPI ORIGINAL PAPER ♦ November 30, 2009

Science & Public Policy Institute


In public policy terms, the revelation that the international scientific and political establishment has been inventing, bending, distorting, manipulating, hiding, blocking, and destroying scientific data for the sake of advancing a narrow, extremist, and bitterly anti-Western political viewpoint cannot be safely ignored.

Climate science is too important to be left to politicized scientists, just as climate politics is too important to be left to unscientific politicians.

The first step is to close the Climate Research Unit (and perhaps the University of East Anglia with it), to dismiss all of its personnel, and not to allow any of them to be funded by taxpayers ever again. Scientific fraud and corruption on the scale that has now been revealed must be firmly rooted out and prevented from recurring.

Those responsible for the deliberate blocking, altering, concealing, or destroying of scientific data must be put on trial – to use James Hansen’s term – for “high crimes against humanity”. For it is on the word of crooks and racketeers such as these that, in the name of addressing the non-problem that they had invented and fostered and festered, the Third World has been flung into food riots and mass starvation by the doubling of world food prices that followed the biofuel scam that the “global-warming” profiteers invented as just one of a bewildering array of boondoggles to enrich themselves at the expense of the little guy, who, as always, suffers when the political elite merely exploit him when it is their duty to serve him.

Let the climate criminals stand trial, and let them be fined for offenses under the Freedom of Information laws, and let them be imprisoned for their fraudulent tampering with scientific data, and for their suppression of results uncongenial to their politicized viewpoint, and for the sheer venom with which they have publicly as well as privately denigrated all those scientists with whom they disagreed, and for the insouciance with which they interfered with editors of scientific journals and with the process of the UN’s climate panel itself.

Once the fraudsters on both sides of the Atlantic have been locked up and cleared from the field, it will be essential to obtain a reliable indication of how temperatures are really changing worldwide. For the oceans, this necessary step has already been taken. The 3319 automated bathythermograph buoys of the ARGO project, deployed throughout the world’s oceans since 2003, have for the first time provided a reasonably accurate profile of temperature change in the climate-relevant upper mile of the ocean surface. They have shown that, throughout their period of operation, there has been no net accumulation of heat-energy in the world’s oceans. None whatsoever.

The analysis has recently been extended backward for 68 years by Douglass and Knox (2009), who find that there has been no accumulation of heat-energy in the oceans for 68 years. This conclusion, like the results from the ARGO buoys, is fatal to the official (and now discredited) notion that a very small increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 will engender a very large warming.

Might an analysis of land surface temperatures produce a similarly uncongenial result for the world’s classe politique, mesmerized as it is by the prospect of vastly increasing its own wealth and power by setting up an unelected world government with massive powers to tax, regulate, interfere, shut down free markets, and cancel patent and intellectual property rights, and all in the name of saving us from ourselves?

One of the thousands of emails released by the heroic whistleblower suggests that the answer to this question is Yes. One Team member recently wrote to his conspirators to point out that land temperatures had risen twice as fast as ocean temperatures, a fact which, he said, would be seized upon by skeptics who would point out that the Climate Research Unit, like GISS/NCDC, had failed to make sufficient allowance for the “urban heat-island effect” – the increasing industrialization that has surrounded once-rural temperature stations with tarmac and industry and the direct and indirect output of heat that they bring.

Manifestly, something must now be done to put right the damage that has been done to climate science by the malevolent and incompetent antics of the Team.

First, there is now a need for a standardized, international network of properly-sited, modern, automated land temperature monitoring stations, reporting by satellite so that the data are immediately available to all. The aim should be to equal the reliability and public accessibility of the ARGO bathythermographs that have been deployed for the past six years in the oceans.

Until this standardized network has been installed worldwide, calibrated, and declared operational, all terrestrial and satellite temperature records should be regarded with profound suspicion, and no public policy – particularly any policy that menaces the freedom, democracy, and prosperity of the West – should be founded upon them.

Secondly, all those whose emails have demonstrated that they have acted maliciously and in bad faith – even those whose conduct stopped short of being actually criminal – should be dismissed from every publicly-funded scientific post, and should be permanently debarred from participating in any international scientific endeavour, including the UN’s climate panel. On grounds of its sheer nastiness alone, the Team should be disbanded forthwith and for aye, never to trouble humankind again.

Thirdly, all public policy measures to address what is now known to be the manufactured non-problem of “global warming” should be put on hold forthwith, and no further public policy measures should be instituted at any future time, unless and until global mean surface temperature, as properly and independently measured by the new methods recommended here, shall have risen by at least 1 C° (2 F°) compared with temperature in the year 2000.

Fourthly, all “global-warming” profiteers who are making money out of carbon-trading or “green investment” or UN climate boondoggles of whatever kind should be warned, and clearly warned, that now that the basis for their profitable activities is known to be hollow and fraudulent, they themselves will be indicted, prosecuted, and jailed for fraud, and their profits confiscated as the fruits of money-laundering, if in future they participate in any fostering or furthering or promoting of the lies, damned lies, and bogus statistics that have now shown the entire “global warming” theory to be nothing more than a scam.

We end this paper on temperature trends with the following quotation from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation as President of the United States –

“Public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite ... The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.”
Amen to that.