vrijdag 28 mei 2010

When Professor Obama Meets Dirty Reality

By C. Edmund Wright

Just plug the damned hole! That, more or less, is the leadership and direction we are getting from our President as we grapple with the oil spill in the Gulf. What else should we expect from a socialist theoretician who has never actually accomplished anything in his life?

I guess we could expect him to take credit with his daughters if it works.

This is what happens when an academic finds himself in the position of actually having to get something done. Nothing written on a blackboard or recited from a textbook or lectured from a podium will plug the leak miles deep off of Louisiana. Nothing in Barack Obama's background full of lectures and text books makes him fit for any job where getting things done is important.

Like many activities that impact our existence, drilling for oil is damned hard and damned risky and damned expensive and involves a lot of hard physical work and technical knowhow. The same can be said of making automobiles, building houses or manufacturing the heavy equipment that makes all of these activities possible. The problem is, academics unfamiliar with such work and knowhow believe their tenured cushiness and "think how" is enough.

I guess if you can Google something, you can convince yourself you can actually do it.

American Thinker