donderdag 24 september 2009

The Future of the War on Terror, is the War on Islam

George Will's column calling on the US to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and rely on smart strikes using drones, cruise missiles and special forces insertions, reopens a now old debate about the tactics we should be using in the War on Terror. Will's approach would revert the US back to before the days of the Bush Administration when smart strikes were used for a series of attacks that accomplished absolutely nothing. It might be possible to use "offshore" bombing to end the Taliban, but it would not involve smart and limited attacks, but dumb and massive ones that would kill a sizable portion of Afghanistan's non-urban tribal population. That is something not even the Soviet Union was fully prepared to commit to. It is not likely that any US administration would.

Read the rest of this excellent article at Sultan Knish

Een verrassend goede avond met Hans Jansen


Op dinsdag 22 september vond in Amersfoort de presentatie van "Dezelfde God?", de Nederlandse vertaling van Mark Duries boek, plaats. Het werd een verrassend goede avond met Hans Jansen en Ben Kok.

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