zondag 22 maart 2015

Obama's Jihadist Bias and Israel

By James Lewis

At this point there is no honest doubt that Obama is not just pro-Muslim, but that he favors Jihadist imperialism, whether by infiltration or violence. Or both.

Iran is an outright jihadist imperialist power, and it has been called the biggest terror sponsor by our State Department -- before Obama told it to shut up. Iran now controls the Syrian regime of Assad, the Houthi conquerors in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, parts of Iraq, much of Lebanon, and at times the Hamas-occupied Gaza strip. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are fighting in Iraq and Syria. Contrary to New York Times propaganda, the “smiling Ayatollah” Rouhani is actually grinning like a tiger after a big kill.

Obama’s so-called “nuclear agreement” by the US and Europeans is simply a retreat before the most dangerous new rogue nuclear power. This is so barefaced a betrayal that even the US Congress is alarmed.

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