donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Gloves Are Off: Mitt Said 'Bless His Heart' to Barack

August 23, 2012
Kyle-Anne Shiver

Well, we all know that Mitt Romney is a gentleman. Now we also know that Mitt has a keen grasp of the Southern-style, genteel insult, which tends to leave its victim so utterly confused that he simply cannot defend himself.

Oh yes, darlin'. Mitt went there.
Speaking at LeClaire Manufacturing in Bettendorf, Iowa yesterday, Governor Romney delivered the ultimate Southernese insult to his opponent. (Video link here.)
"It is free men and women that drive our economy. Freedom is what makes America work. And President Obama, bless his heart, has tried to substitute government for free people-and it has not worked, and it will never work[.]" (Emphasis mine.)
Oh my.

For anyone outside the South, who may need an accurate translation, allow me to enlighten you.

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