maandag 12 oktober 2015

Captured ISIS jihadist carried full map of 8 targets for Berlin takeover

A report appeared in a Hungarian website.

Translated by readers of Pamela Geller’s blog:

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On the Free Kurdistan Group Webpage appeared this news update
An ISIS fighter captured on the Turkish Syrian border had with him a map of Berlin detailing targets and places necessary for taking over the city.

Whomever drew this map must have had to have lived in Berlin for quite some time as the drawings detail the city and its surroundings containing military, police and emergency agencies/ institutions.

Detailing 8 specific target areas which would require holding in order to take over the city. To control it.

The attack anticipates resistance from 2 secret military institutions, which after being controlled, and its armories looted would then supply the Jihadis with weapons who will then proceed to occupying the strategic target areas/buildings. The plan also contains rail and bridge targets to be blown up to prevent German reinforcements.

Meanwhile German leaders do nothing …

From: The Muslim Issue


Neither do Dutch "leaders", except of course to make military barracks available for housing "refugees"...  I would imagine that the location of such barracks has a certain strategic value regarding the defense of the Netherlands in case of war, so handing those locations over to people who have the same religion as ISIS is maybe not such a smart move? And have any and all military supplies been removed before the barracks are handed over to "refugees", 90% of whom are men of military age?