zondag 6 november 2016

I’m Voting For Trump Because Only A Street Fighter Can Take Down Clinton’s Anti-America Machine

Would a Trump victory give us breathing room and allow Americans the chance to reassess our trajectory? At least with Trump, it’s an open question. We know what Hillary will do.

I cherish the right to keep my vote secret, and I believe we are beginning to see challenges to the right to secret ballot. I wrote about this concern in The Federalist after seeing the angry reaction to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. The shocked Remain camp behaved as though Brexit voters had no right whatsoever to prevail at the ballot box.

In the meantime, I’ve watched how people at Donald Trump rallies—basically folks who have felt kicked under the bus by fat-cat elites and their bureaucrats—have been beaten and collectively smeared as right-wing-white-nationalist-KKK-every-slur-in-the-book deplorables. It’s not pretty. No, neither is Trump what you’d call “pretty.” But we don’t live in pretty times now, do we?


zaterdag 5 november 2016

Qatar gift to Clinton Foundation underlines blackmail potential for Bill and Hillary

It seems the media are trying to misattribute the 1 million from Qatar to the Clinton Foundation to Bill only. If it went to the Clinton Foundation (when Hillary was SecState), the quid pro quo is likely to have been State Dept. favors. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have now been identified as the two main ISIS funders (ISIS atrocities against civilians have been approved as jihad SOP by the Wahhabi priesthood in S.A.).

Notice that there are two attributions for the "one million dollar recipient" in the news: 1. to Hillary and 2. to Bill. But it's all the same foundation, and money is presumably fungible. The Saudi royals are now generally thought to be the perps for 09/11/01, and, I believe, many other terror attacks. (See here.)


vrijdag 4 november 2016

The Greatest Spy Story Ever Told

One candidate for most amazing video of the presidential race on the Net now is an anonymous 8-minute biography of Huma Abedin, former right-hand woman to American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and (until last Friday) her closest associate for twenty years.

Snippets of Abedin’s biography have floated through the blogosphere for years, but this is the first coherent exposé that tempts a reasonable person to consider the current crisis surrounding Hillary Clinton and emails as part of the greatest spying operation, the greatest secret agent story, in history.

Huma Abedin, though born in the States, grew up in Saudi Arabia, ages 2-18, in a family whose livelihood was provided by the same network of Saudi jihadis connected to Al-Qaida on September 11, 2001. Indeed, on that very day, Huma herself was a salaried employee of a Muslim think tank run by her mother, a major figure in the women’s section of the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma’s mother, completely enrobed, supports female genital mutilation, the world conquest of sharia, and other principles of the same version of Islam that Osama bin Ladin lived and died by. Huma’s brother also works for this Muslim Brotherhood-funded operation.

In a word, Huma was raised in a culture of Islam at its most barbaric and violent. It is now chilling to contemplate that for the four years of Hillary Clinton’s position of as Secretary of State, Abedin had access to everything Hillary did. And now the FBI has found 650,000 Hillary emails on her perverted husband’s computer.


zondag 30 oktober 2016

Wat heeft RTL met Bertelsmann en Soros?

Afgelopen maandag verbaasde RTL heel Nederland door te stoppen met het uitzenden van Zwarte Piet. Dit besluit is opmerkelijk, omdat vorig jaar nog juist bewust werd gekozen voor het behoud van Zwarte Piet. Als zulke grote beleidswijzigingen opeens plaatsvinden bij een ‘onafhankelijk’ mediaconcern, gaan bij mij alle alarmbellen af. Heeft RTL soms een geheime agenda?

RTL Late Night
Ik voelde de laatste tijd argwaan bij de pogingen tot sturing van de publieke opinie door RTL. Deze politieke inkleuring werd bijvoorbeeld duidelijk tijdens het optreden van Mark Rutte bij RTL Late Night op de dag van de bekendmaking van het VVD-verkiezingsprogramma. De hele uitzending was geregisseerd tot en met de muziekkeuzes: de uitzending leek te zijn gekocht. Bovendien, waarom zou een premier van een land niet bij zijn eigen nationale publieke omroep tekst en uitleg komen geven op zo’n memorabele dag?

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vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

An essential guide to the WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary

By Thomas Lifson

Clarice Feldman tipped me off to what looks like a great resource: a website that organizes the vast flood of data from WikiLeaks and other sources such as the FBI documents and focuses on the crucial issues. It is an anonymous piece of work, and the site is titled http://www.mostdamagingwikileaks.com. It states at top:

This website is not owned by or affiliated with WikiLeaks. It was made entirely for free by an American citizen who is sick of government corruption and the lack of accountability and justice in our country. The goal of this website is to open the eyes of the American public to the corruption that is Hillary Clinton. This list will be updated every day with new leaks until the election[.]


Rigging the Election - Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned

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dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Think You Know How Bad the Clintons Are?

"The White House is like a subway. You have to put in coins to open the gates."

Such were the immortal words of one Johnny Chung, who admitted to a Senate committee in 1997 that he funneled $100,000 from the Chinese military to the Democratic National Committee. In the Clinton White House, it was pay to play all the way. That either Bill or Hillary had a political life after their treasonous run on Asian piggy banks is a testament to the ever escalating corruption of the American media.

The White House honcho who made the subways run on time – no shock here – was Hillary Clinton. It was she who convened the secret meeting with adviser Dick Morris in the White House treaty room a month after the Democrats' historic drubbing in November 1994. Blamed for the debacle, the Clintons were running for their political lives. To preserve those lives would take huge amounts of money, much of it, if not most, raised and spent illegally.


maandag 24 oktober 2016

McAuliffe’s SuperPAC paid $500,000 to campaign of wife of FBI official overseeing Hillary email investigation

The Wall Street Journal has a report that in any other presidential campaign would be a game-changer this close to election day.

According to the report, Clinton crony and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe gave close to $500K dollars through a Super PAC to the political campaign of the wife of a high-level FBI official who had oversight of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, non-secure, non-government email server while she was Secretary of State.

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