zaterdag 18 april 2015

Why Did Ukraine Just Outlaw Communism and Nazism?

The law is a response to Russia's latest propaganda efforts. 

On April 9th, after a 24-year delay, the Ukrainian parliament (Rada) passed legislation banning communist propaganda along with its symbols, from street names and flags, to monuments and plaques.
The new legislation, passed by 56% of parliamentarians, declares the communist government that ruled Ukraine during the Soviet era a criminal regime that conducted policies of state terror. The ban similarly extends to Nazi propaganda and symbols, though unlike communism, Nazism hardly has a following in a country that was hit hard during WWII and the Nazi occupation.
With urgent and serious problems facing Ukraine’s economy, finances, and government reform, and while fighting a war with Russia-backed separatists, what caused the rush to condemn Nazism and communism simultaneously?
On the surface, bundling together these two anti-human, totalitarian ideologies may seem like a symbolic gesture, but in reality each was banned for a very different practical reason, both of them of an existential nature.

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Hans Jansen - Taghoet

Taghoet of Taroet, met het accent op de laatste lettergreep – kent u die uitdrukking, dames en heren? De uitdrukking maakt deel uit van de Nederlandse straattaal, en betekent daar meestal ‘politie’. In het kader van de islamisering is het aanbevolen dit woord toe te voegen aan uw islamitische woordenlijst, naast jihaad, taqiyya, boerka enzovoort. Taghoet wordt ook gebruikt voor andere soorten gezagsdragers dan de politie, zoals treinconducteurs die zo brutaal zijn naar uw vervoersbewijs te vragen, ambulancemedewerkers die willen dat u een stapje opzij doet zodat ze hun werk kunnen doen, of een brandweerman die wil dat u doet wat hij zegt om te voorkomen dat er mensen ontijdig zullen ingaan tot het Eeuwige Vuur. Ook de grensrechters in het jeugdvoetbal zullen wel bij de taghoet horen. In de islamitische wereld zelf wordt het woord vooral door de godvrezenden gebruikt om de seculiere regeringen aan te duiden die aarzelen de sharia in te voeren. Die aarzeling bewijst immers dat die regeerders geen echte moslims zijn, maar afvalligen, anders hadden ze de sharia wel al ingevoerd. In die laatste betekenis, ‘seculiere regering van een in meerderheid islamitisch land’, is het woord te vinden in de officiële uiteenzettingen over de wegen dezer wereld waarmee de sharia-fundamentalisten de islamitische theologische literatuur verrijkt hebben.

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zaterdag 28 maart 2015

NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran

Just how badly has Barack Obama and his administration damaged relations with our allies in the Middle East? NBC’s Richard Engel reports that the Sunni nations in the region have begun to fear that the Obama administration leaks intel to Iran as part of its efforts at rapprochement with the mullahs, which is why the US got blindsided by the Saudi-led coalition’s operations in Yemen. The White House’s “incoherence” in policy, Engel reports, has most of them losing confidence in American leadership, according to Engel’s contacts (via Free Beacon):

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zondag 22 maart 2015

Obama's Jihadist Bias and Israel

By James Lewis

At this point there is no honest doubt that Obama is not just pro-Muslim, but that he favors Jihadist imperialism, whether by infiltration or violence. Or both.

Iran is an outright jihadist imperialist power, and it has been called the biggest terror sponsor by our State Department -- before Obama told it to shut up. Iran now controls the Syrian regime of Assad, the Houthi conquerors in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, parts of Iraq, much of Lebanon, and at times the Hamas-occupied Gaza strip. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are fighting in Iraq and Syria. Contrary to New York Times propaganda, the “smiling Ayatollah” Rouhani is actually grinning like a tiger after a big kill.

Obama’s so-called “nuclear agreement” by the US and Europeans is simply a retreat before the most dangerous new rogue nuclear power. This is so barefaced a betrayal that even the US Congress is alarmed.

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dinsdag 17 maart 2015


E.J. Bron
(h/t “felix”)

maandag 9 maart 2015

Op-Ed: What the West Must Do In Order to Survive

Americans must demand that their government defend their country and their way of life

If Europe does not do the following immediately, the birthplace of the Western enterprise will soon be conquered by barbarism.

First, the European Union must dissolve itself. Borders and passports must return. No one should be allowed to travel unhindered from European country to European country.

Second, each European country must pass legislation to deport all those who are on “no fly” lists; all radical imams at radical mosques, together with their radicalized followers in mosques and in prisons; and all those who have traveled to Iraq, Syria, and Yemen for jihadi training.

Third, legislation must empower police and military forces to physically abolish the “no-go” zones–the hostile, separatist Muslim-only neighborhoods in which the European rule of law does not exist and which are ruled, instead, by vigilantism, terrorism, and a superstitious version of Sharia law.

Fourth, the most vigorous requirements must be put in place for new immigrants and for the families of existing immigrants.
enterprise will soon be conquered by barbarism.

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Nederlandse vertaling: Verzamelde vertalingen van E.J. Bron

donderdag 5 maart 2015

West Misses Point—and Lesson—of Buddhist Anti-Muslim Sentiment

March 3, 2015 by Raymond Ibrahim

Originally published by PJ Media.

Ongoing reports decrying “anti-Muslim” Buddhists seem to miss the point: this antipathy did not appear out of thin air but rather in response to Islamic aggression—the same Islamic aggression the rest of the world is trying to cope with.

A Financial Times editorial titled “Buddhist militancy triggers international concern” opens by describing the “traumatic first-hand view” of a Muslim woman whose home was attacked and possessions plundered by Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Says the woman: “If I could meet those responsible, I would ask: ‘Sir, does your Lord Buddha teach this?’”

Some paragraphs down, readers discover that her home was attacked during the course of “two days of clashes with Muslims,” which were “sparked by a street-corner disagreement between a Buddhist monk and a young Muslim,” and which left three people—religious identity unstated—dead.

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