donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Laws are for the Little People

by Mark Steyn

Just ahead of tonight's final debate (from which I shall be several thousand miles away):

As I've said for years - on radio, TV and in print - for me the overriding issue in American politics is the corruption. In the Obama era, we have seen the remorseless merging of the party and the state - in the IRS, in the Justice Department and elsewhere. Whatever one feels about, say, Scandinavia, they at least come to their statism and socialism more or less honestly. Not so the United States.

It's bad enough that Democrats aren't agitated about this corruption - but then it works to their advantage. Slightly more mysterious is why so many of my friends on the right aren't incensed by it. For months, conservative commentators assured us that, when it comes to straight arrows, no arrow is straighter than FBI honcho James Comey - non-partisan, career public servant, will follow the evidence whereso'er it leads; why, "no one in law enforcement" is "more capable of navigating through a political maelstrom" and any attempts to politicize the outcome will ensure that "Comey will resign in protest, and other high-level FBI officials could follow him out the door".


woensdag 19 oktober 2016

Study: 96 Percent of Media’s Campaign Donations Go to Hillary Clinton

A nonpartisan group finds 19 out of every 20 campaign dollars donated by the media industry are being given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The analysis was conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, and it found that 96 percent of campaign donations by roughly 480 media donors went to Clinton. Roughly 430 media people donated $382,000 to Clinton, while roughly 40 media people donated $14,000 to Donald Trump’s campaign.


Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud


dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

The Case for Trump

Conservatives should vote for the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump needs a unified Republican party in the homestretch if he is to have any chance left of catching Hillary Clinton — along with winning higher percentages of the college-educated and women than currently support him. But even before the latest revelations from an eleven-year-old Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump crudely talked about women, he had long ago in the primaries gratuitously insulted his more moderate rivals and their supporters. He bragged about his lone-wolf candidacy and claimed that his polls were — and would be — always tremendous — contrary to his present deprecation of them. Is it all that surprising that some in his party and some independents, who felt offended, swear that they will not stoop to vote for him when in extremis he now needs them? Or that party stalwarts protest that they no longer wish to be associated with a malodorous albatross hung around their neck?

That question of payback gains importance if the race in the last weeks once again narrows. Trump had by mid September recaptured many of the constituencies that once put John McCain and Mitt Romney within striking distance of Barack Obama. And because Trump has apparently brought back to the Republican cause millions of the old Reagan Democrats, various tea-partiers, and the working classes, and since Hillary Clinton is a far weaker candidate than was Barack Obama, in theory he should have had a better shot to win the popular vote than has any Republican candidate since incumbent president George W. Bush in 2004.


Why Hillary and Her Wall Street Donors Don’t Want Trump’s Wall

When GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump first talked about building a “big, beautiful wall” at the southern border of the U.S. he was met with fierce resistance. Given the facts that the southern border is the main route used by drug smugglers and criminal illegal immigrants (all persons who cross the border illegal commit a Federal misdemeanor the first time, a felony the second time) there would not seem to be a good reason to resist lawful regulation of border entry. As usual, the answer may be in who gains from the absence of a Wall, and what they gain. The best way to get the answer is to follow the money.

Right now the transfer of money from persons working in the U.S. to Mexico, called “personal remittances” are a major source of Mexican revenue. The growth of remittance revenue is a recent development. Mexico seized the assets of nearly all foreign oil companies operating in Mexico in 1938. But as American sanctuary cities flouted Federal law and encouraged illegal immigration after 1980, those working in the U.S. started to wire transfer money back to their families in amounts that became so large that by the late 1990s remittances to Mexico were the second largest source of foreign revenues, second only to oil revenues.


maandag 17 oktober 2016

Truth is the Nuclear Weapon of the New Cold War

Exposing the underbelly of the American Kremlin.

China’s hackers have stolen most of our defense secrets including plans for the F-22 and the F-35. Beijing’s new stealth jet, which poses a serious threat to us, is based on that stolen data. On top of 40 terabytes of stolen defense information, the OPM database hack allowed China to steal the secrets of 22 million Americans, including Federal employees, and dig into security clearance applications.

The stolen information allowed Russia and China to identify US intelligence operatives.

And Obama did nothing. That isn’t precisely accurate. He signed a cybersecurity pact with President Xi Jinping of China in the White House Rose Garden. The pact was as worthless as his Global Warming pact. It was hollow, empty and utterly unenforceable. Nor did Obama have any interest in actually enforcing it.

The day after the pact was signed, China’s attacks on American interest continued unabated.

The cybersecurity pact started life as an absurd non-proliferation agreement. Its very concept made no sense. Last September, Obama really intimidated China by threatening “countervailing” actions if the PRC did not desist. But what he really wanted was a face saving agreement.

The Chinese, who understand face saving quite well, gave him one. And then they laughed in his face.


Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

zondag 16 oktober 2016

Unprecedented: Hungary Opens Office for Persecuted Christians

Its “right wing” government appears to know something about Muslims and Christians that the West doesn’t.

The nation of Hungary recently did something that is as unprecedented as it is commonsensical and humanitarian: it “has become the first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe.”

Zoltan Balog, Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, explained:

Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians. In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.

“Followers of radical religious ideologies” is of course code for Muslims—they who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of Christian persecution in the world.


vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

The Clinton Record

A devastating exposé of the most unfit and undeserving individual ever to seek the American presidency

Never in American history has anyone as unfit and undeserving as Hillary Clinton run for U.S. President. While she stands on the threshold of being elected to the White House, she quite literally belongs in a prison cell. This article lays out the case against her, chapter and verse.

Clinton's Private Email Server & the Espionage Act

Throughout her entire four-year tenure as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton never acquired or used a government email account. Instead, she transmitted — in violation of government regulations — all of her official correspondences via a private email address that traced back to a secret, private, unsecured server that was housed at her New York residence.1 And immediately after those emails were subpoenaed by Congress, Clinton instructed a team of her advisers to unilaterally delete, with no oversight, almost 32,000 of the roughly 60,000 emails in question.2

woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Jaloos Ashura 2016 Den Haag The Hague Holland

Kijk eens aan, de Middeleeuwen zijn weer helemaal terug. In your face, kaffers!

Aan wie hebben we dit soort taferelen o.a. te danken?

Op 27 oktober 2010 ging een brede Kamermeerderheid akkoord met de Motie Halsema, waarin de regering werd verzocht "in woord en daad uit te dragen dat het tegengaan van islamisering geen doelstelling van beleid is."

Die brede Kamermeerderheid bestond uit de fracties van de volgende partijen:

VVD                       PvdA
CDA                       SP
D66                        GroenLinks
ChristenUnie          Partij voor de Dieren

De enige partijen die tégen stemden waren de PVV en de SGP.

Bent u dus niet zo gecharmeerd van de voortschrijdende islamisering in ons land dan hou dit in gedachten wanneer we in maart 2017 nieuwe "volksvertegenwoordigers" mogen kiezen. Laat de partijen van de islamofielen links liggen in het stemhokje, voor ze ons land volledig hebben verpest!