zondag 29 augustus 2010

"EU a disaster, illegal state built on false principles"

So, let's have a look at the possible consequences of this new legal system for a citizen in a democratic country like the Netherlands. Let's take Geert Wilders for example. Just in case our own judges cannot manage to get Geert Wilders behind bars and out of the way for our political elite, they can now simply wait till some Islamic European country (Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, later maybe Turkey?) will charge him with insulting Islam or their prophet or some such "criminal" act (is Islamophobia a crime yet anywhere in Europe?), try him in absentia, have him picked up by this new European Stasi and dump him in a jail full of Muslim criminals. Well, we all know the outcome of that scenario. The perfect final solution for all his enemies; they will be able to keep their hands clean by pointing to European laws!

Oh, and any doubt that the same fate will ultimately await anybody who opposes Eurabia? And we thought sending ten policemen to arrest a cartoonist and threatening to disclose his identity was way over the top. We ain't seen nothing yet, baby!

Hundreds of years of struggle and bloodshed to achieve democracy and individual rights are being flushed down the toilet by the power-hungry elites of Europe. If we don't want to end up like serfs to this new aristocracy we may have to storm the Bastille once again...