woensdag 25 februari 2009

Play "O-BINGO" with Obama Tonight

Buyer's remorse? Looks like Barry's honeymoon is over:

By Brian Johnson on 2.24.09 @ 3:13PM

If you're like me, you wish there was something to do while listening to the Obama-ganda tonight.

Well now there is. From the people who brought you the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (which almost saved California from higher taxes), and the famous "Wednesday Meeting", comes a new play-at-home game that is fun for the whole family.

Americans for Tax Reform, providing wholesome family fun since 1984, has created "O-BINGO". Played just like regular bingo, "O-BINGO" allows you and your family to follow along with Obama's speech and see who can get the most squares covered in one line.

This soon to be timeless game includes such memorable Obama phrases like "let me be clear", "vulnerable Americans", and who can forget the classic "toxic assets".

Get your "O-BINGO" card below and visit the newly remodeled www.ATR.org for more information and to leave your comments and scores from the game.

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