donderdag 21 december 2017

Palestinians Destroy Important Israeli Archaeological Site in Jericho

King Herod

Israel entrusted one of its great archaeological treasures to the Palestinians. They destroyed it.

The Palestinians are systematically destroying King Herod’s grand Third Palace in Jericho by stripping its stone and building homes around it, thereby erasing a testament to the Jews’ deep roots to the Land of Israel.

Israel Hayom reported Tuesday that a team from the Kfar Etzion Field School visited the site recently and was appalled to find that the Palestinians, who received the important site as part of the Oslo Accords, had built housing around it. Some homes were constructed on the grounds of the palace itself. The remains of the palace are being systematically demolished to construct a road. The historic edifice is being stripped of its stone, and the supporting pillars and arches have been defaced.

Most of Herod’s Third Palace, lies within Area A, under full Palestinian control.