donderdag 26 oktober 2017

5 Reasons President Xi’s Speech Shows China Is a Threat to America

Last week China’s President Xi Jinping gave a 3 ½ hour speech at China’s Communist Party Congress. While some American commentators say China is becoming more like the west, Xi declared, on the contrary, that China is rising quickly to world superpower status, capable of challenging the US economically, politically, and, by 2050 militarily, too.

Democracy, freedom of speech, and the free market economy have no place in Xi’s vision of China.
American political and business leaders need to wake up to China’s true intentions and capabilities.

In the near-term the Chinese strategy is to become the dominant superpower in Asia, but with their military, economic, and production might, they are well-placed to become the leading world superpower. One day the US will pay the price for its shortsightedness.