The early 21st century is not the first time warnings of calamity have been ignored. Roman historian Livy tells us that in 391 BC a Roman plebian named Marcus Caedicius heard a warning from the goddess Vesta's sacred grove -of an imminent Gaulish attack- recommending the walls of Rome be fortified & instructing him to pass these messages on to the magistrates; but because of Caedicius's humble station this portent was not heeded & the Gauls sacked Rome in 390 BC.

Like Marcus Caedicius Fjordman has been warning of the dangers posed by barbarians, in this case those who submit to Mohammed's Dark-Age teachings (known as Muslims [Submitters]), to our Western society & culture since the beginning of the century. Alas, his message has also largely fallen on deaf ears. Rome will fall once more if we do not heed his warnings.

This is possibly the most important topic there is & one that needs as much publicity as possible especially in light of the globalist forces attempting to manipulate the Islamic hordes for their own ends.

Here I present my lengthy interview with the great Norwegian blogger, political comentator, Islam-critic & Patriot of Western Culture Peder Jensen, known by his nom de plume Fjordman

For those of you who haven't heard of Fjordman he is one of the most influential figures in the so-called "Counter-Jihad" movement with its warnings of an Islamic takeover of the West.

Excerpts from this interview may also appear in future at the famous Gates Of Vienna website but here I present it in its entirety.

I think that his responses read better as an essay -as the themes tend to blend into one another & cross-polllinate- rather than as point-by-point answers to my questions, however, I will include my questions above them in bold.

Aprecians here is my interview with the great man himself:

Hello Fjordman,

Thanks so much for your time. This interview will be for a thread on "The Apricity" European cultural community free speech forum. Our readers tend to have a deep interest in European heritage & tend to be right of centre.

It's quite a long interview so please feel free to answer which ever questions you like. I appreciate your time. I don't believe in censorship so won't edit your answers.