maandag 17 oktober 2016

Truth is the Nuclear Weapon of the New Cold War

Exposing the underbelly of the American Kremlin.

China’s hackers have stolen most of our defense secrets including plans for the F-22 and the F-35. Beijing’s new stealth jet, which poses a serious threat to us, is based on that stolen data. On top of 40 terabytes of stolen defense information, the OPM database hack allowed China to steal the secrets of 22 million Americans, including Federal employees, and dig into security clearance applications.

The stolen information allowed Russia and China to identify US intelligence operatives.

And Obama did nothing. That isn’t precisely accurate. He signed a cybersecurity pact with President Xi Jinping of China in the White House Rose Garden. The pact was as worthless as his Global Warming pact. It was hollow, empty and utterly unenforceable. Nor did Obama have any interest in actually enforcing it.

The day after the pact was signed, China’s attacks on American interest continued unabated.

The cybersecurity pact started life as an absurd non-proliferation agreement. Its very concept made no sense. Last September, Obama really intimidated China by threatening “countervailing” actions if the PRC did not desist. But what he really wanted was a face saving agreement.

The Chinese, who understand face saving quite well, gave him one. And then they laughed in his face.