zondag 27 maart 2016

Havana Obama and the Soppy Greeting Card War

Is it any wonder that citizens in the U.S. and Western Europe are increasingly viewing their political leaders with disdain and are seeking to oust them? Is it any wonder that Americans now focused on the nature of the threats, question the outdated international organizations in which our country carries the burden for a passel of freeloading impotent Western Europe (NATO) leaders and anti-Western tyrants (UN)?

As various sites in Belgium were the scenes of civilian and infrastructure devastation, Americans saw our president and his entourage posing before Cuba’s dreaded Ministry of Interior, which is decorated with a huge sculpture honoring the racist, homophobic butcher Che Guevara. We learned the names and biographies of the dead and missing as he tangoed in Buenos Aires, to which he took two Air Force planes to facilitate sightseeing for the first family and their large entourage. (Burning up large amount of carbon fuels is the new status symbol of the rich and powerful. The best-known climate change advocates are known for their conspicuous consumption of fossil fuels on themselves.)

If that weren’t enough to reveal his belief that terrorism is not a big deal and that his heart is not with the West, he made a very brief (seconds long) acknowledgement of the Brussels attacks and then poked his countrymen in the eye with his overseas pronouncements: