zondag 22 november 2015

Three Media Lies About Syrian Refugees

They’re not refugees.

Thirty governors have come out against Obama’s policy of dumping Syrian migrants in their states. Some want more thorough vetting. Others have issued executive orders barring any further resettlement.

In response to these common sense measures, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton put on faces of mock moral outrage and the media is frantically spinning new lies about the migrants and national security.

But it’s time we told the truth about what is really going on and exposed their three biggest lies.

1 .The “Refugees” Are Not Fleeing Persecution, They’re Welfare Migrants
Syria is in the middle of a religious war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
But Sunni Muslims fleeing religious persecution can choose one of the many Sunni states in the region. Most Syrians have ended up in Jordan and Turkey, which are both Sunni countries. The Sunni Muslim countries are certainly not persecuting their fellow Sunnis. And neither country is run by ISIS.

Likewise Shiite Muslims can find sanctuary in Shiite Iran or parts of Lebanon.
The only authentic refugees are Christians and Yazidis who do not have a country to call their own in the region. Only these non-Muslim peoples can be considered refugees fleeing religious persecution.

Sunni Muslims stopped being persecuted refugees the moment they set foot in Jordan or Turkey. Talk of resettling them in the United States or Europe has nothing to do with “persecution.” It’s economic migration. And economic migration in this case is a euphemism for welfare migration.