zondag 4 oktober 2015

France: ‘British anarchists and left-wingers organize Muslim mass invasion onto Eurotunnel’ – officials

Mass invasion’ of 100 migrants onto Eurotunnel’s Calais tracks was organised by ‘British anarchists and left-wingers’ say French officials

  • Tunnel closed after raid in the early hours of Saturday morning
  • Police are staff were pelted with stones as some 200 migrants charged
  • All were captured but services have were shut down for 8 hours
  • Passengers left facing confusion and delays of more than three hours

Eurotunnel services were suspended after a ‘massive invasion’ of more than 100 migrants, allegedly organised by British far-left anarchists.
A ‘large and co-ordinated’ group stormed the tracks at Calais at around 12.30am local time, Eurotunnel said, causing the service to be put on hold for almost eight hours.