dinsdag 15 september 2015

Lebanese Education Minister warns: 20,000 Islamic State jihadis have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps

But remember: to oppose this influx makes you a racist, bigoted Islamophobe. And so Europe goes merrily to its fate. At least, as the last knife cuts into the last Infidel neck in St. Peter’s Square, the victim can congratulate himself that he was never unwelcoming to the refugees.

 Officials warn 20,000 ISIS jihadis ‘have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps,'” by Jack Blanchard, Mirror, September 14, 2015:

"At least 20,000 bloodthirsty jihadis have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps and are plotting to enter Europe, a senior official warned tonight.

Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said he fears Islamic State radicals make up at least 2% of the 1.1million Syrians living in camps across his country.

And he warned of a covert jihadi “operation” to get across the Med and into Europe. His warning came as David Cameron made a whistle-stop tour of refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan yesterday to try to win back public support on the Syria crisis.

“My gut feeling is they (IS) are facilitating such an operation. To go to Europe and other places… From Turkey to Greece,” Mr Bou Saab said.