zaterdag 18 april 2015

Why Did Ukraine Just Outlaw Communism and Nazism?

The law is a response to Russia's latest propaganda efforts. 

On April 9th, after a 24-year delay, the Ukrainian parliament (Rada) passed legislation banning communist propaganda along with its symbols, from street names and flags, to monuments and plaques.
The new legislation, passed by 56% of parliamentarians, declares the communist government that ruled Ukraine during the Soviet era a criminal regime that conducted policies of state terror. The ban similarly extends to Nazi propaganda and symbols, though unlike communism, Nazism hardly has a following in a country that was hit hard during WWII and the Nazi occupation.
With urgent and serious problems facing Ukraine’s economy, finances, and government reform, and while fighting a war with Russia-backed separatists, what caused the rush to condemn Nazism and communism simultaneously?
On the surface, bundling together these two anti-human, totalitarian ideologies may seem like a symbolic gesture, but in reality each was banned for a very different practical reason, both of them of an existential nature.

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