zaterdag 30 november 2013

Obama and the EU push Genocide

By James Lewis

"Why can't Iran be allowed to have its own nukes?" asked a good friend of mine. "It only seems fair."

My friend is an intelligent person who has seen politics up close. And yet, such is the power of mass indoctrination, she doesn't know that Iran isn't a normal nation.

Four decades after Jimmy Carter's Iranian Hostage Crisis, which crashed his presidency and brought Ronald Reagan into office, our media have failed completely and utterly to tell the plain truth about the genocidal regime in Tehran.

When we complain about the blindness of our friends and family, we really need to point at the source: the leftist monopoly over our Organs of Propaganda. There is no genuine debate in American media. Nothing honest or worth learning. As in Europe, our Big Corporate Media peddle 24/7 leftist agit-prop. If you want to see Crony Socialism at work, simply look at NBC and its Fat Cat owners, GE/Comcast. You can be sure they benefit financially from their alliance with the Left.

This tendency reaches its nadir when the media sell our people on a purposely genocidal foreign policy. They don't use those words, of course. But that's the unmistakable goal.

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