woensdag 4 september 2013

Dear Congress: Welcome To Pottery Barn

 Rick Wilson ·

Let's get a caveat out of the way: Basher Assad is a truly bad man, a murderous thug, has terrible allies and should be hanging by the neck from a lightpole in Damascus. Nor am I some isolationist or hesitant about executive action in foreign affairs.This isn't about whether we should act against Syria, but about the politics of Barack Obama's utterly failed policy and his attempt to force the GOP to own the debacle he created.

Really, Congress?

Are you really taking this sucker bet?


You're willing to bail out President Barack Obama after he's managed to set the Middle East on fire?

You're going give Obama cover after two years of Syrian civil war, a growing threat to Israel, a nuclear Iran closer than ever, and Egypt and Libya in chaos...all of which has been met with a shrug and “at this point what difference does it make?” nonchalance?

As in practically everything but campaigning, Barack Obama's zone of competence in foreign policy is so far in the rearview mirror it's almost comical...and now he wants the GOP to save him from himself.
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