maandag 9 november 2009

Fitzgerald: A Nest of Ninnies

Saturday, November 7: I have spent much of today listening to programs and reading online as much as I can stand of the American and foreign coverage about Fort Hood, and the mass-murdering Nidal Malik Hasan. I have been subjected today to as much nonsense and demisemihemi quasi-quavering distractions and deceptions, from various quarters, as a sane human being can stand. Everyone and his brother seems determined to say things that are palpably nonsensical about Nidal Hasan, the "Palestinian" Arab - though born and raised in America - and devout Muslim who never hid his faith in Islam.

How then, did the newspapers, did the commentators on the networks - all the networks - how did NPR, handle this subject which for all of them was apparently too hot to handle?

They spouted nonsense and lies. They tried every which way but up to make it seem as though Major Hasan was deeply disturbed, just one more mentally ill person, akin to the Columbine shooters, motivelessly malignant, someone whose behavior could not possibly have been predicted, because there was nothing about him that could lead to think him capable of such an act. Or in the alternative, they tried to make it seem as if anyone who had heard the stories that Major Hasan must have heard from returning soldiers would of course suffer deeply, and come unhinged, and such unhingement would naturally express itself - doesn't it always? - in mass-murdering fellow soldiers, as an expression of his dismay.

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